LARRY MELTZER has been involved in Addiction Recovery for the past 22  
    years. For the last 8 years, he has been working as a professional in the field. He
    primarily works with clients on the Westside of Los Angeles, California,    
    however, phone consultations from anywhere in the country are available.

Director of After-Care at Promises, Malibu, California
Primary Care Therapist at Promises, West Los Angeles, California
Men's Program Director at Beit T' Shuva, Culver City, California

    AS A THERAPIST specializing in all areas of addiction, the first step is the acknowledgement of the     
    problem and the willingness to seek help. I fully realize how difficult it is to take that first step, and hence,
    the creation of this web site.

    PLEASE FEEL FREE to explore this site and to review my perspective on how one confronts addiction.
    Addiction is debilitating to the spirit, body, and mind of the individual, as well as to your family, friends, and
    intimates. Please know that I am here to help, and am open at any time to your questions and concerns.

    I AM AVAILABLE for a confidential assessment (at no cost) by phone, from you the addict, or from any
    concerned family member. Please feel free to phone me at any time @ (310) 455-8996.

                                                                            ASSOCIATE LINKS:

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                            BIOFEEDBACK is a powerful treatment that works to reduce anxiety — without drugs. This
                            training includes the latest technological advances in order to facilitate mind/body awareness & control,
                            manage stress & improve one’s quality of life.
                            EMDR is a therapeutic approach proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of trauma and the
                            symptoms of PTSD. It is considered to be a cutting edge tool that accelerates psychological healing by
                            maximizing one’s ability to process disturbing thoughts and memories.
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For information concerning Eating Disorders I recommend visiting
                            the following website:
                                                  I CAN BE CONTACTED confidentially via:
                            Telephone: (310) 455-8996 (preferred) or
By Way of Introduction:
Larry Meltzer, I.M.F. #51236
Addiction Therapist

Helping Individuals and Families
to Reclaim Their Lives